To beg, I’m ashamed.

This almost sounds like one of those statements a proud person with a huge ego who’s in dire need would make. Regardless, in my estimation, it’s a very wise statement, and here’s why.

Let’s be honest for one moment shall we; here goes. Moment of truth… When you beg for money, you’re more likely than not very broke. That’s one. Two, it’s annoying and sometimes shameful when whomever you begged from starts asking you for their money back.

Can we at least agree on that? Well, if you disagree, maybe you’re on the wrong side of the internet right now lol. But anyway, here’s my point. Begging is one of the most shameful acts to ever engage in that usually doesn’t even look shameful when doing it, but the shamefulness of it is in the aftereffect. In most cases, begging has been glorified to look like the best thing to do.

Let’s talk mortgages. It will surprise you to know that the word mortgage has English and French roots. It was coined from 2 words; the French word mort which means death and the English word engage. Essentially, a mortgage is something you (are supposed to) engage with until death. Those who offer mortgages know this, and they know that you are highly likely to never finish paying up a mortgage. They literally make you beg for money you very well most likely can’t finish paying until you’re dead. And you remember that influence I spoke about in my last blog post… yeah, they hold it over your head, and if you default, they have the power to mess up your life. Take this advice from me;

If you have to beg for money in order to purchase something, then you don’t need it now. If you don’t need something NOW, you can do without it.

Begging leads to debt, debt can lead to shame. I will give my advice, you decide to take it or not; As much as possible, avoid all forms of begging and glorified begging. To beg, I’m ashamed.

Something to think about: Imagine America begging the IMF for money… then imagine Ghana begging the IMF for money.

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About the poll in my last blog post I said I was going to talk about it in this post, well, no one took the poll. I guess people are so in debt they can’t even admit it lol. Oh well… See ya!

2 thoughts on “To beg, I’m ashamed.”

  1. Interesting views, they come off strongly. I find the definition to be mind boggling and would agree with it from observation. Countries are already in debt and will continue to incur more debt… whats your take on that?

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